Community Participation at PyCon India

PyCon India is run by volunteer and there have been innumerable people from various python communities from various parts of India who deserve kudos for their efforts in running the event for past nine years. There have been requests from communities in the past for space which we regrettably could not fulfil due to space constraints. This year too a lot of communities have asked for an area in the venue to exhibit their work. We are excited to take this opportunity to invite communities that are contributing to the ecosystem of Python to showcase themselves, their projects and activities at PyCon India 2017.

There are multiple ways to showcase your work at PyCon India:

  • Take part in Dev Sprint by submitting a proposal.
  • Give a lightning talk aka flash talks.
  • Register for a slot in open spaces.
  • Register for a community space

In the area earmarked for community space, a booth with a table and chairs for two representatives shall be setup for each selected community. We encourage the representatives to bring a standee, sticker and information brochures to spread awareness about their work and contribution to the open source world.

We strongly believe that people should be aware of every community that support and sustain the python ecosystem at large. We hope that this would help the community gain much needed exposure and find new contributors which in turn shall strengthen the ecosystem. And what could be a better place for this than the premier Python conference of India, PyCon India 2017.

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