PyCon India 2016 Workshop Details

PyCon India 2016 Workshop Details.

Many of you have been asking for details of workshops this year.

The CFP team has been working tirelessly to select best possible workshops out there, focusing more on quality than on quantity, ensuring more advanced tracks.

This year, each track will have 2 workshops. With a total of 6 workshops on the workshop day of 23rd September 2016. Each workshop will be a hands-on session of 3 hours.

This year, CFP committee had a tough job, selecting the workshops that hopefully would appeal to everyone while trying to maintain quality.

We would like to thank everyone who took time off from their busy schedules and helped review the talks and interact with the proposers. You are a tough little group; we appreciate all the hard work you folks have put in. Thanks a ton, PyCon India would not be the same was it not for all of you. A big shout out to the community for being such a great support.

We would also like to congratulate all those who made it through the selection process.

Best of luck!

There will be three halls for the workshops; held in two sessions of morning and afternoon.

While planning to buy tickets for workshops do make sure you do not buy tickets in same time slots in different halls.

The Selected workshops are as follows:

  1. Building a Lie Detector: Multi-Modal Sentiment Analysis
  2. Docker Workshop
  3. Talking to Machines: Optimizing Neural Networks with Theano
  4. Productive Coding with PyCharm
  5. Demystifying the Django REST Framework
  6. Scaling Django with Kubernetes

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  • You need to buy separate tickets for each workshop.
  • The workshop seats are limited to 25.
  • If you are planning to attend PyCon India Conference.

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Thanks & Regards, Team PyCon India 2016