Registrations open for PyCon India 2015!

Come one, come all, registrations for PyCon India is open y'all!

Register Now! Read the rest when you get back.

PyCon India is one of the most affordable and entirely community run professional conferences in India, and we strive to keep it that way. As much as we try, inflation is just something that we can't do much about and hence, the small changes will reflect. Here are the pricing tiers for this year's conference:

  1. Early Python : Rs. 1000 (150 tickets. No cancellation. Transferable)
  2. Regular Python : Rs. 1200
  3. Late Python : Rs. 1800
  4. Student Python : Rs. 1000
  5. On-the-spot Python : Rs. 2500 (For two days)
  6. Workshop Python : Rs. 1000 Per workshop

Tickets 1 to 5 gives you full access to the conference for two days, including breakfast, lunch, tea & snacks and a T-shirt. The workshop ticket has to be bought separately for each workshop that you want to attend. We'll announce them as soon as we finalize them.

Get your tickets right away!

If you would like to talk Python at the conference, take a look at our Proposal submission page. Put in a rough draft right away. You can think about prettifying it later on. Submissions deadline is on the 31st of May.

Cheers folks! Hope to see you at PyCon India!