PyCon India has started accepting proposals for Open Space

PyCon India has always been more than just a conference. It has been a place where people who have similar interests find each other and have great conversations.

This time, we want to make room for more such conversations. This time, we are going to make Open Spaces more exciting. Attending PyCon India 2015? Share your experience by giving an Open Space talk.

What is an Open Space?

Open Space (register here) is a way for people to come together to talk about topics, ideas or whatever they want. Any subject that two or more attendees want to talk about is a candidate for an Open Space. Speak about your favorite library, framework, tool, experience, lessons learnt, Discuss code, design, philosophy, editors. Show what projects you are working on. Share what problem you face, what solution looking for, what improvements you would like to see. Smaller group generally leads to a lot more discussions, encourages the audience to ask more questions and keep things lively. Proposals are collected to know how many people are interested to speak which will help us arrange rooms, white boards.

Why we are asking to register upfront?

Proposals are collected to know how many people are interested to speak, which will help us arrange rooms, white boards, projectors and other assets. You can also show up on the day and reserve a time slot if available.

How do I participate in an Open Space?

Its pretty easy: register here with required details. That?s it! No screening process. You can also just show up and register your time slot.


  • Allowed time slot for each talk is 15-30 minutes.
  • Reach the talk arena, 5 minutes before your talk starts.
  • In CFP description, do specify if you need a projector or white board.

Proposal Sections

  • Infrastructure
  • Library
  • Standard library
  • Web Development
  • Game programming, Philosophy


Q: Who can give Open Space talk? - Professionals - Lecturers - College Students - Speakers

Q: My talk is not selected for conference, can I opt for Open Space?

A: Yes register here. This way people who are interested in the topic you proposed can catch up with you at the event itself.

Q:What is the screening process of Open Space talk?

A: No screening process, we are collecting information to facilitate logistics.