140+ Proposals and the review begins!

First of all, a big shout out to all those who worked on and submitted their talk proposals! 140 of them! Thanks to all of you, this year we have an excellent pool of talk and tutorials to select from. The standards have gone up a notch this year, but we are also taking time to work closely with the presenters in order to streamline the content as well as their presentations.

Even before the submissions were closed, the review panel was proactively reaching out to the presenters and now the process is in full swing! If you would like to help... No wait, you should help! There is no 'if'. Do visit the proposals page, vote for your favorite talks, comment on the ones that you would like to know more about and help us help you have the most awesome content ever.

Here is the section wise break up of the proposals that we received.

  • Python 3k : 1

  • Core Python : 11

  • Embedded Python : 6

  • Concurrency : 5

  • Scientific Computing : 16

  • Data Visualization and Analytics : 16

  • Web Development : 19

  • Security : 10

  • Testing : 10

  • Infrastructure : 23

  • Network Programming : 5

  • Others : 18

Hold on tight friends, it is going to be awesome this year!