Announcing PyCon India 2015!

Buckle up people, the PyCon India 2015 ride is here! Mark your calendars for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of October 2015. We have already launched our website last month, announced our call for sponsorship and just recently opened the call for proposals.

As you can see, we have started the prep early to make sure we take this year's conference a notch above last year's. With over a 1000 attendees last time, we are sure to hit house full this year as well, the upper limit being ~1200, which is, sadly, the conference venue's maximum capacity.

If you have a company, or work at one who would be interested in meeting one of the most enthusiastic Python crowds, then be sure to check out the sponsorship details. Apart from that, this is an opportunity for you to give back and show your support for the community's growth as well.

In case you are brimming with excitement about teaching or talking about anything Python, no matter whether you started yesterday or have been using Python for a decade, make sure you put in a talk proposal. No one became an expert in a day - neither at presenting nor at programming. So don't be shy and don't think too much. Just put in a proposal, yes, right now!

Here are a few important dates to keep in mind. We shall try our best to adhere to these dates, but hey, as you know, all of us are volunteers here.


  • Opens : May 15th.
  • closes : September 20th.

  • Note : Ticket cancellations will not be allowed beyond September 20th. Also, registration is limited by the venue capacity and hence, might close sooner.


  • Opens : March 7th.
  • Closes : September 1st.

Call for proposals

  • Opens : March 7th.
  • Closes : May 31st.
  • Last date to upload final presentation : July 15th.
  • Talk acceptance : September 15th.
  • Final schedule : September 20th.

That's about it folks. Spread the word, talk about it, let your friends and family know, and let's make this year's conference the best one ever!