Young Learners Workshop

What is the Young Learners Workshop (YLW)?

YLW promotes code literacy among school students with Python programming language using engaging hardware (ex: Raspberry Pi devices). This is an opportunity for students, teachers to learn from each other and from the Indian Python community to cultivate their programming, communication and technology skills.

The workshop brings students, teachers from different schools to be part of the PyCon India conference that's home to Python practitioners and enthusiasts from all over India.

Each student's workstation will be setup with a Raspberry Pi device. At the end of the workshop, students get to share their learnings from the workshop.

Who is it for?

YLW is crafted for middle-high school students. That is, it is ideal for students between grades 7 and grade 10.

YLW will accommodate 50 students.

Event Details

  • Date: 1st October 2023
  • Time: YLW will be run during the second day of the conference schedule for 3 hrs.
  • Ticket Information: YLW is a free-to-attend event. Express your interest as a school or as an individual in the below Registration section.
  • Number of students: 50
  • Venue: JNTU, Hyderabad campus at Kukatpally.


Students will have access to Raspberry Pi device along with a machine for use at the event. Exercises will be carefully designed by the track host such that students can follow-up .

Use the hardware and create something!


Harsh Mittal (LinkedIn) will be hosting the workshop. Harsh is a versatile educator with experience in robotics, IOT, drone technology and Python. Volunteers will be present to address questions participants may have.

Medium of instruction will be English and we will be accommodative of students with Telugu language background with volunteers helping throughout the workshop.


To register, visit Young Learners Workshop Form

Registrations can be done by a school teacher or by a student.

Note that this is an in-person workshop and participants need to be present at the venue during the workshop.

If a student is registering, they need to be accompanied by a guardian for the workshop. If a teacher is registering, they are responsible for the students at the workshop.

We try to be as accommodative as possible to have a diverse participation in terms of schools and student background.

Registration Link

Young Learners Workshop Form


Workshop material will be shared with the participants prior to the workshop and will be made available on machines for the participants.

What to expect?

Some of us involved with YLW currently ran the pilot edition last December at PyConf Hyderabad. You can read about it in a blog post. We also have a slide deck that summarizes .

YLW at PyConf Hyderabad 2022

Important Guidelines

To make the most of your YLW experience, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. Age Range: YLW is perfect for children aged between 10-15 yrs.
  2. Supervision: Parents or guardians are kindly requested to accompany their children throughout the event and provide necessary guidance and supervision.
  3. Equipment: All the essential hardware will be provided at the YLW. Participants need to bring their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn!
  4. Code of Conduct: All participants, guardians, parents, teachers must abide by the conference Code of Conduct during the workshop and when at the conference.

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For any inquiries or additional information, please contact our team at

During an emergency at the conference, please call Bhanu at 8142650099. Leave a WhatsApp message or an SMS if you don't get a call response.

Code of Conduct workgroup is responsible for ensuring everyone has a safe and secure conference experience at PyCon India. Get familiarized with the reporting guide when you feel you have an unwelcoming experience at the conference.