Meet Our Workgroup Leads

We are delighted to introduce the dedicated leaders who drive PyCon India 2023 forward. Their unwavering commitment and passion for our community are the driving forces behind our success.

Picture of Amritha Madam

Amritha Madam

Communications/Promotions WG Lead

Senior Information Designer at Gramener Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Started my UX journey at a very young age of 18. Trying to catch up with my peers, I’ve become a quick learner.
I’m often appraised for being the most meticulous and organized which reflected in the quality of my work. I’m a self motivated individual who can lift up the team spirit while maintaining a friendly environment. With an experience of 6+ yrs in this field, I worked on around 25+ projects both B2C and B2B products on various form-factors.
My fun-time activities are singing, dancing, listening to music, and watching series / movies. Lastly, as a Doraemon lover, I truly believe in understanding the users’ problems and providing the solution based on what they need.

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Picture of Ananyo Maiti

Ananyo Maiti

Platform WG Lead

Ananyo is a Software Engineer and Open Source Enthusiast who is passionate about technology and community. Over his 6+ years of experience in Software Industry he has worked in multiple technologies and domains.
He is an active member of the Indian Python Community and Hyderabad Python Users Group. He has contributed significantly to Junction, the Python India CFP platform and has been maintaining it for the 2023 edition of PyCon India.

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Picture of Aravind Sekar

Aravind Sekar

Design WG Lead

Aravind is an Independant Product Design consultant who is enthusiastic and expertised in UI/UX, Creative design, Marketing, Solving business problems and Strategising business.
With around 7 years of experience in the software industry, he has diverse portfolio with a unique work experience in contributing to startups from scratch in various domains like Marketing, Mental Health, Finance, Food Industry, Automobile and EduTech. He is an active coordinator in GDG Chennai and has been the Design WG lead of PyCon India since 2020.
Apart from work Aravind enjoys photography, automobile customisation, exploring historical monuments, adventure activities and is a cinema buff.

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Picture of Bharat Saraswat

Bharat Saraswat

Technology WG Lead

I work as a Frontend Lead in a BIG 4 firm, my interests lies around exploring new advancements in technology, sports, folk music etc.

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Picture of Bhushan Kapkar

Bhushan Kapkar

Communications/Promotions WG Lead

Bhushan is an experienced Data Scientist who is enthusiastic about AI technology, open-source projects, solving business problems and community engagement.
With over 9.5 years of experience in the software industry, he has diverse portfolio also worked across various technologies and domains. He actively participates in the Hyderabad Python Users Group, and he volunteers for AWS Community Days.
Bhushan also enjoys mentoring others to help them advance and grow in their careers.

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Picture of Dr. Muralidharan Murugesan

Dr. Muralidharan Murugesan

CFP Co-WG Lead

A passionate teacher disseminating the computing knowledge to the students for the past 36 years. Experienced in developing computing curricula for my Institution and to our University.
Research Interests in Web Mining and Machine Learning. Introduced Python in academics 13 years ago and a ardent lover of python programming, data analytics. Member of ChennaiPy Community and active resource person to various Institutions.

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Picture of Koti Vellanki

Koti Vellanki

Mentorship Co-WG Lead

I'm a passionate DevOps Engineer working for Adobe through UST. I love Python, Kubernetes and Open Source.

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Picture of Mehaboob Subuhani

Mehaboob Subuhani

Design Co-WG Lead

Subuhani, employed at a prominent Big4 firm, holds the role of SAP Full Stack Technical Lead. His passion lies in orchestrating the integration of various enterprise platforms to enhance user experience.
He is also dedicated to exploring innovative concepts and bringing them to life. Beyond work, Subuhani nurtures a deep affection for soccer.

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Picture of Nikhil Maan

Nikhil Maan

Content WG Lead

I'm a full-stack software developer at, a passionate advocate for open-source projects, and an Alan Turing fan.
I love coding, maths, contributing to open-source, and giving back to the community.
When I'm not doing any of those, sometimes I play Basketball, Badminton, and chess. Not at the same time, ofcourse. And, here's an obligatory ""I use Arch, btw.""

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Picture of Nivesh Krishna

Nivesh Krishna

CoC Chair and Community Partners WG Lead

I work as a full stack engineer at Velocity Clinical Research where I work on various interesting projects which make clinical trials safe and faster. I contribute to open source projects.
I love to play basketball when I'm not solving the world problems.

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Picture of Priyanshu Krishnan

Priyanshu Krishnan

Technology Co-WG Lead

As a software developer with experience at Dell, I have gained expertise in the management of large-scale storage systems and the automation of infrastructure provisioning. My journey led me to contribute to the Open Source Terraform Provider for Dell Storage and Servers, where I immersed myself in the world of software-defined storage and crafted innovative solutions for intricate infrastructure landscapes.
I am passionate about actively participating in the open-source and technology communities.
Beyond my professional pursuits, I'm passionate about exploring the world of musics and hiking in my free time, capturing the beauty of nature through my lens. These interests keep me motivated and inspired, both in and outside the coding realm.
Let's connect and explore how our paths can intersect!

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Picture of Rajat Rajdeep

Rajat Rajdeep

Technology Co-WG Lead

Rajat is a passionate software engineer with a keen interest in open-source technologies. He is proficient in building web applications, quality assurance, and automation.
Outside of software engineering, Rajat loves playing and watching basketball, as well as exploring new travel experiences.

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Picture of Revanth M V S

Revanth M V S

Logistics WG Lead

Professionally, I've had the privilege of collaborating with Phenom, an experience that has enriched my career. Beyond the confines of my job, my fervor for technology remains undiminished.
I'm constantly drawn to the newest advancements and the potential they hold for shaping our future. This zeal not only anchors me but also serves as a consistent source of inspiration in my professional journey.
It's this interplay of my academic, professional, and personal explorations that carves out my distinct viewpoint.

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Picture of Samir Thakkar

Samir Thakkar

Mentorship Co-WG Lead

Chartered Accountant by day and trying to learn about being a good python developer most of the other waking moments. Marathoner by choice.
He consults to many medium and small enterprises towards taxation and finance. He wishes to upsize his algo trading skills and wants to visualize voluminous legal case laws for understanding verdicts. Latest, he is also tinkering with APIs of RERA websites

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Picture of Soumendra Kumar Sahoo

Soumendra Kumar Sahoo


I am a lead software engineer at Freshworks. Outside of work, I am actively involved in various social impact activities.
1. I am part of Odias in AI/ML, a community that conducts meetups and workshops to spread awareness about AI/ML among Odias.
2. I contribute to the Generative AI for Odia language research project, which aims to generate text in Odia language using LLM.
3. Additionally, as an admin of Odia Wikipedia, I contribute by writing articles.
4. I am also the creator of Shabdarasa, a popular word game in the Odia language.
5. Moreover, I contribute to Mozilla Common Voice and Lingua Libre by recording my voice for open source projects.
Also, I have been volunteering for PyCon India conference since 2019.

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Picture of Vandana Pv

Vandana Pv

Diversity WG Lead

Vandana is a Conversational AI Architect and a tech evangelist who enjoys creating conversational artificial intelligence systems. She oversees a few communities, where she offer spaces for students, working professionals and other members of the community to connect, collaborate, and share information.
Her ardent interest include making jewellery and paintings, as well as designing interfaces and vector graphics. Get in touch if you enjoy coffee, as she not only loves to have conversations with ai systems but also with new individuals.

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