PyCon India Blog

Every year at PyCon India, we love to see more quality, knowledge-filled and enlightening talks. It is only right that we take all efforts from our side to accept such talks. To make it easy for you and for us, we're putting out our expectations from you in this post.

Proposal Submission

While submitting your proposals, make sure to follow the guidelines below:

  • Give a brief objective of your talk. This gives the audience a better idea of what they can take away from your presentation
  • Add link to your personal website, blog and twitter
  • Add link to your GitHub profile
  • Add links(videos/slides) to your previous talks, if any
  • Write a small paragraph about your experience with Python
  • Tell us about your work experience or else mention if you're a student
  •  Clearly mention the technical requirements (ex: packages to install) for the audience whether it's a workshop or a single presentation
  •  If you are talking about a software library/tool, please mention why you arethe best personto talk about it.
  •  Tell us why we should accept your talk in as few lines as possible.

If you have already submitted a proposal, please make sure it meets the above guidelines.

Note to all attendees

We are excited that you're coming along ! To make your experience better and to see more of your favorite talks, make sure to vote on the ones that you'd love to attend.

Number of votes is one of the things that we consider when selecting talks. To deal with fake up votes, we only count the votes by people who have already bought a ticket for the event.

Please up-vote/down-vote the talks in the funnel and help us in selecting talks that you would like to see at conference.

Kiran Gangadharan