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Natural Language Processing using Python

by Shrinivasan T (speaking)

Software Development Tools
Session type
Technical level


Exploring the features of the Natural Langiage Toolkit for Python


The Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) suite offers powerful tools for natural language processing and analysis. Like many other code libraries, it enables programmers to achieve results when working with data they may not be an expert in the handling of - in this case, human language. The NLTK is particularly valuable as human language skills are in general something programmers can get along without, and therefore they are likely to be ill-equipped with the tools to most effectively work with language data. However, while NLTK provides programmers with a way to work with all the relevant parts of language without needing to rely on their own grammar skills, there are many concepts in the field of natural language processing that require basic comprehension of natural language operation, which may make knowing where to start working with the NLTK difficult for the average programmer.

This presentation will demonstrate some of the NLTK's powerful and impressive features, while covering the concepts that will enable any programmer to work cool tricks on natural language.

Speaker bio

Shrinivasan works at CollabNet, providing technical support for Subversion. He codes in python for fun.