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Building intelligent websites with Python

by Nagarjuna Varma (speaking)

Web Development
Session type
Technical level


The main objective is to show how websites can be made smarter and much more dynamic by performing some data mining operations and running a few machine learning python scripts. It will also demonstrate how this task can be done without much hassle in python by presenting a simple demo.


In a world where websites are growing exponentially, how can you stay ahead of the curve ? The answer is simple enough - Make a smarter website. This talk will give you an insight to the different ways in which the data collected can be modeled and manipulated using python to make your website intelligent. It will cover topics from belief networks to clustering and some techniques of implementing them in python to enhance the user experience.

The intend to split my talk into the following parts:

  1. What do you mean by intelligent websites?
  2. Techniques employed - simple and not so simple
  3. Using scikit to embed intelligence
  4. Simple Demo
  5. Exploring what else could be done

Speaker bio

I am a CS student currently in my final year. I am a python lover and an Open Source enthusiast presently contributing to the Mozilla Foundation. Learning and sharing knowledge is something I really enjoy. I have used python for some of my projects at university and also built a simple movie and video recommendation engine thanks to some help from the guys on the python IRC.


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    [-] saravanan t 908 days ago

    Looking forward for your session @pallavali.. This is Saran [volunteer in GTUG intial days rememeber ],, Am also taking a session on Python for Perl programmers.. when u planning to take ? Fri/sat/sun?

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    [-] Nagarjuna Varma 907 days ago

    Hi!...I dunno...I don't mind Sat/Sun. I think Friday is dedicated for the tutorials.

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