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New kids on the SciPy block

by Puneeth Chaganti (speaking)

Software Development Tools
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This talk aims to give an overview of the new kids on the block in the SciPy universe. Many of the tools are usable outside of the Science/Engineering fields.


In this talk we look at some exciting new developments from the “SciPy community”. Don’t be fooled by the word “SciPy” as many of these tools are usable outside the Science/Engineering community. In particular we will take a look at the following:

  • IPython: we look at its new notebook and also some of the parallel execution features
  • Pandas: more powerful data structures for data analysis
  • Matptlolib’s HTML5 backend
  • Machine learning with Scikits-learn

There are also interesting developments on high performance computing that we’ll take a very quick look at:

  • Rapid development of C-extensions with Cython
  • Developments on the PyPy front with LLVM based JITing
  • LLVM based tools.
  • PyOpenCL and PyCUDA.

Speaker bio

Pankaj Pandey and Puneeth Chaganti, who are currently employed at Enthought and write Python for their bread and butter, will be delivering this talk.


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    [-] Vikas Kumar Choudhary 876 days ago

    Please upload slides.. I am waiting for them :)

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    [-] Puneeth Chaganti 876 days ago

    Uploaded them. They aren't really detailed, since the session was mostly "showing" some example code and a lot of talking...

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