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Python, the weird bits

by Saager Mhatre (speaking)

Core Python
Session type
Technical level


Walk the audience down some of the slightly stranger alleys of our platform to discover corner cases and pitfalls that you never knew existed.


Every language platform has its warts; and I'm sure you'll agree that Python is no exception. Except, over my time working with the language these last 18 months, there have been a quite a few things that hit me sideways... hard!

This talk will enumerate some of these elements of the Python platform such as quirks related to:

  • namespaces
  • built-in functions
  • exception handling
  • the object model (Boy, I could do a whole other presentation on just this!)
  • generators
  • decorators
  • metaprogramming
  • ... and more

This talk is not a diatribe about that features Python is missing or how Python should evolve. It is merely my observation of the hemispatial neglect prevalent in the Python ecosystem.

It is easy to be enamoured by our platform of choice, but it is also important to acknowledge its shortcomings so that we may improve on them.

Speaker bio

Lazy Hacker, Curious Skeptic, Community Herder, Part-time Gamer & Former ThoughtWorker. Currently employed by Vayana to build and maintain cloud-hosted products on Python.

Over the years I have built applications for banks, internet advertisers, eCommerce giants and publishing houses on a number of popular platforms (as well as a few not-so-popular ones).


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    [-] swagat konchada 945 days ago

    it's always good to know the limitations of a language.

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      [-] Saager Mhatre 919 days ago

      Definitely! However, this talk is not limited just to limitations [snicker, snicker!]; it also deals with some corner-cases, edge-cases, and other behaviour that I found somewhat odd. Basically, stuff that's likely to hit you sideways when you least expect it.

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