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extract information from the web, beautifully

by Anuvrat Parashar (speaking)

Session type
Technical level


Everybody knows about the enormity of web and data available on it and also about the giant internet search engine which can get the information to you.

But what if you don't want to open the web browser everytime you need that tiny piece of information? While the whole world either gives up or gets to hardwork, pythonistas get the work done smartly.


The talk shall move on these lines:

-Introduction to BeautifulSoup and Mechanize.

-Some kiddish pointless experimentation from within the python interpreter's shell.

-Scripting a smallish app (using PyQt) that does something sensible, eg shows the weather or the cricket score in your system tray.

Speaker bio

An Open Source Enthusiast and Evangelist, avid Linux user who has been passionate about everything Python ever since he came to know about it. He is currently employed as a developer by Reviews42.com and spends his weekdays dabbling with their codebase. More about him can be found at his website .