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Optimization and Profiling

by Gayatri Nittala (speaking)

Software Development Tools
Session type
Technical level


"First make it work. Then make it right. Then make it fast!" - This quotation, often with slight variations, is widely known as "the golden rule of programming." The focus of this talk is on a part of this golden rule - "Make it fast!". It shows, how to transform a piece of python code to improve it's efficiency and provide an optimal solution. It would also be an exemplary talk on how to profile, identify the hotspots and develop a fast enough python application.


Certain optimizations amount to good programming style and so should be learned as a language is learnt. Following some simple tips would improve the performance of a system to a great extent.This talk discusses some python specific optimizations.

Most working programs have bottlenecks or hotspots - the crucial piece of code where the program spends much time in execution. A programmers wild guess on 'where these hotspots are?' might be quite unreliable. Either using the builtin python profile modules or various other profiling tools would help in identifying them right. This talk present some examples on how to use these profilers to identify the hotspots and rewrite the code to get an optimal solution.

Outline of the talk:

  1. What is optimization?
  2. When to optimize?
  3. Where to optimize?
    • profile
    • identify the hotspots
    • optimize
  4. How to optimize?
    • Python optimization tips.

Speaker bio

Gayatri Nittala, is working with Infotech Enterprises Limited, Hyderabad and has five years of python programming experience in developing various desktop applications.

Madhubala Vasireddy, is working with Infotech Enterprises Limited, Hyderabad and has seven years of python programming experience in developing desktop applications and simulation tools.