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Competition Programming and Problem Solving using Python

by Dhruv Baldawa (speaking)

Session type
Technical level


This talk will be a beginners introduction to using Python as a language while participating in online competitions like Project Euler, Facebook Hacker Cup, Google Code Jam, CodeChef, etc.


It aims to provide a brief introduction to; * Techniques (and their corresponding tradeoffs) one can use to make code both space and time efficient. * How one can leverage the power of Python by using generator expressions, decorators, itertools, etc. * Some problem solving techniques that apply to a large subset of online programming puzzles and contests.

Speaker bio

The speaker is a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science. He has been a part of Google Summer of Code 2011 and 2012. He has been a gold medallist in Indian National Cyber Olympiad. He now works as Software Developer at Enthought, Inc.


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