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Rapid development of website search in Python

by Vishal Kanaujia (speaking)

Web Development
Session type
Technical level


Python is rapidly gaining acceptance for web development with real-time web frameworks, database interfaces and web templates. Search is an integral functionality of a website that enriches user experience and thus a high performance, scalable and robust search solution has been a perennial need of developers.

This talk discusses the available search solutions for websites/web APIs, and our learning with a prototype implementation.



  • Python in web development
  • Website search requirements
  • Design considerations: Getting search work
  • Exploring solutions
    • Lucene
    • Whoosh
    • Xapian
  • Code: Prototype implementation
  • Learning
  • Choosing what is suitable

Speaker bio

Vishal and Chetan are Python developers and have interest in the field of Python internals, Filesystems, and web development.

Open source projects

  • seFS (https://github.com/cjgiridhar/seFS)
  • pyrebootops (https://github.com/cjgiridhar/pyrebootops/)


  • FUSEing Python for rapid development of storage efficient file system, PyCon APAC, June 2012, Singapore

  • Exploiting the power of multicore for scientific computing in Python, SciPy India, December 2011, IIT Bombay

  • Diving in to Byte-code optimization in Python, SciPy India, December 2011, IIT Bombay

  • ‘Python threads: Dive into GIL!’, PyCon India, Sept 2011


  • http://technobeans.com/
  • http://freethreads.net/