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PyCassa - Python Cassandrified

by Ramesh Rajini (speaking)

Web Development
Session type
Technical level


To introduce the Python enthusiasts to Apache Cassandra, a NO-SQL data base; it’s need in today’s world to manage humongous data.

Focus on using a programmer friendly Python Client library for Apache Cassandra – Pycassa with examples.


Ever wondered how or where are the likes & tweets from Facebook, Twitter getting stored? Is our good old RDBMS supporting this storage? Pondering on these questions, this session aims at introducing the need for a NO-SQL database- Cassandra, its features & limitations.

How to use Pycassa, a powerful python client library to interact with Cassandra making the programmer’s life easier! It includes how to get data from column family, insert keys -values etc with examples

Speaker bio

Ramesh Rajini, currently working for Open Systems Team in Education & Research, Infosys Bangalore has 6 years experience on scripting languages like PERL, Python, PHP, TCL, sed &awk.

Work Area focus on Tools development, Training & Consultancy division. An Open Source community enthusiast , published & presented papers in many IEEE sponsored International & National level conferences.

Looking forward to meet Python enthusiasts @PyCon 2012, India.