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Juju: Simple python based DevOps tool does much more than Orchestration.

by Atul Jha (speaking)

Session type
Technical level


I would like to address following questions :-

  1. How is juju different from existing similar technology?
  2. Is juju easier and more flexible to deploy?
  3. How much time it takes to deploy a LAMP stack on cloud (AWS, Rackspace, Hpcloud)


Juju aims to be a service deployment and orchestration tool which enables the same kind of collaboration and ease of use which today is seen around package management to happen on a higher level, around services. With juju, different authors are able to create services independently, and make those services communicate through a simple configuration protocol. Then, users can take the product of both authors and very comfortably deploy those services in an environment, in way resembling how people are able to install a network of packages with a single command via APT.

About my talk:-

My tutorial will address`s below mentioned aspects of Juju.

What is juju Compontents of Juju Charms Digging deep inside charms Testing it.

Requirement (A free account on HPcloud, so that you can spawn your instances and play with juju)

Speaker bio

Currently working as Technology Evangelist- CSS R&D Labs at CSS Corp, Chennai with focus area around cloud computing and Openstack to be specific.

I am a juju Charm Contributor.


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