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python in big data world

by Venkat SP (speaking)

Web Development
Session type
Technical level


This session provides a brief over view on Big Data and Hadoop ecosystem. More importantly how to use python in Hadoop ecosystem with various use cases.


The session provides insights in to Big data and mainly hadoop ecosystem. How hadoop ecosystem is playing a major role in solving the big data problem.

We also look into the Hadoop ecosystem and its related projects to understand how they fit in to the whole ecosystem.

Finally we look into what is Map Reduce program and how to build map reduce programs using python in order to run on a hadoop cluster.

Speaker bio

I am currently working as Technical Architect in Nuvent Technologies, Chnnai. My area of interest are Big Data, Nosql, Cloud and Machine learning.


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    [-] Anand B Pillai 922 days ago

    I think this belongs to either "Web development" (which has Big Data as sub-topic) or "Infrastructure". Please modify the section - Thanks.

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    [-] Venkat SP 921 days ago

    Thanks, I have changed to web development

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    [-] Vikas Kumar Choudhary 876 days ago

    Please upload the slides

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    [-] Venkat SP 875 days ago

    I have uploaded my presentation at my blog http://venkat-sp.blogspot.in/

    as well as please find the direct link to slide share URL http://www.slideshare.net/vsptech/python-in-big-data-world

    I will upload the other programs very soon.

    Revert back incase any issues in finding the content.

    Thanks. Venkat

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