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Python and .NET - A happy relationship?

by Rudi MK (speaking)

Session type
Technical level


The objective of this session is to showcase the fact that with the Dynamic Language Runtime, Python is now a first-class citizen of the .NET ecosystem, with a different name - IronPython.


The session would showcase me running web frameworks such as Django and Web2Py on top of a .NET application stack, as well as providing a performance analysis of sorts. Futher, I'd like to talk about how IronPython can be used to interface between .NET libraries and standard CPython modules. I'll touch base on scripting Rich Internet Apps using Silverlight/Moonlight along with Python, and the open source Gestalt library.

I'd also like to use this session to talk about a slightly-unrelated subject - compiler construction using IronPython and the DLR, and how the DLR has made language design an easier and more efficient process.

Speaker bio

I'm currently working as a social media and mobile tech expert, with the Hindustan Times. My job requires me to work with all of HT's web properties, which include Shine.com, Desimartini.com and HTCampus.com. These properties have been written using Django. Further, I worked on the early releases of the IronPython project, which was an open-source initiative spear-headed by Microsoft, in order to port Python onto the .NET Framework.