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Solving Puzzles with Python

by Anand Chitipothu (speaking)

Core Python
Session type
Technical level


Learn Python's powerful data structures and functional programming concepts using solving puzzles as an example.


Solving puzzles is fun. Writing programs to solve puzzles is even more fun. Doing it is not so trivial. It requires choosing right data structures, algorithms and a bit of smartness.

This tutorial presents Python's powerful constructs like list comprehensions, generators, generator expressions and ideas from functional programming world to write programs to solve puzzles.

I'm planning to cover:

  • 8 queens puzzle
  • sudoku
  • and more if time permits

Speaker bio

Anand has been programming in Python since past 7 years or so. He conducts public training courses on Python in Bangalore.

He is the co-author of web.py, a web framework in Python.

He is currently employed by Internet Archive.