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Mobile apps with Python, Quick!

by Supreet Sethi (speaking)

Session type
Technical level


Introducing insightful way of creating mobile centered web-apps. With "Mobile first" as the motto, new web is all about addressing personal media through mobile phone. This puts certain sets of problems:

loose integration points compared to web

developing for 3-4 different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry

changing design priorities to accommodate smaller screen sizes, slower connections and low computing power.

Using Sencha and Django as the core frameworks, the talk provides a walk-through in developing clean back-end APIs and smooth front-ends without the pain.


With "mobile first" as vision statement, we harness significant power of using Python and django to produce clean back-ends especially using django-piston as key library.

The Django framework is quite well known. It is a extremely quick and easy way to develop web sites and apps. Backed by strong developer community and wealth of knowledge available online, it is natural first choice for web-development. But in this case, we use it as an excellent web-app back-end which we drive a mobile front-end.

Sencha is fast becoming an important framework for developing mobile apps which runs elegantly on both Android and iPhone. With almost native API like look and feel, it works like a charm on Android and iPhone platform reducing development time dramatically.

I will try to address the classic problem of disconnect between mobile and web-apps. Putting the system of producing both within single development cycle. Using django-piston as center piece library. We will use extensively to create well defined APIs. These APIs will in turn be used with Sencha based front-ends.

Extending further we will take a look at integration testing of this framework towards creating a rock solid mobile experience. This will be followed by discussion on merits of using browser over native app frameworks.

Speaker bio

The speaker is a python developer and co-founder to a recruitment platform in development called Hireswift available at http://hireswift.com. He has worked extensively in developing web applications in Django. He has recently started experimenting with Sencha for purpose of mobile app development.


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    [-] Anand B Pillai 923 days ago

    Kindly note: Your talk needs more content in the description section for evaluation. Please add more content describing your talk. Think in terms of how you plan to present the talk and virtually walk through the slides here - Thanks - Admin.

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    [-] Anand B Pillai 923 days ago

    We have added a section for "Mobile" talks. Please change your Section to it here - http://in.pycon.org/2012/funnel/pyconindia2012/35-mobile-apps-with-python-quick/edit

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