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Taming the snake with the king of editors - Vim.

by Satyajit Ranjeev (speaking)

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One would hopefully get a better idea of using Vim especially while coding in Python and improve their productivity.


What makes Vim special even after 20 years since the first release and its lineage from vi 35 years back? Lend me your ears fellow pythonists and let me shed some light to one of the most popular editors of all time.

These are the key areas I plan to talk:

  • A brief history of vi and Vim.
  • Why in world must I use something archaic?
  • Understanding the grammar of Vim commands.
  • Becoming more productive while coding Python.
  • Extending Vim commands to the terminal.
  • Using Vim and ipython side by side.
  • Customising Vim to your likes.
  • Distributing your vim files.

Speaker bio

I am the team lead for a Python project at MQuotient, Pune.

I got introduced to Vim in the early days of GNU/Linux though have been consistently using it for more than four years. I started my career as a Systems Administrator writing Perl scripts. About four years since I have been a Python developer mainly creating web applications.

During this time I have rekindled many a programmer to get back to Vim and have introduced it to several others.


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