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Highlights of Python 3.3

by Nick Coghlan (speaking)

Core Python
Session type
Technical level


Attendees will hopefully learn of some of the more interesting features coming in Python 3.3, when compared to both Python 2.7 and 3.2.


This will be a review session, covering some of the interesting features in Python 3.3.

For the benefit of attendees that are still primarily using Python 2.x, the presentation will also cover a few of the key advantages of the Python 3.x series that aren't available in Python 2.7 or as backports on the Python Package Index.

Speaker bio

Nick is a CPython core developer and a nominated member of the Python Software Foundation.

I am the current maintainer of the runpy and contextlib standard library modules, and co-maintainer of the functools module, ipaddress module, import system and CPython's compiler and bytecode execution infrastructure. I'm also active in reviewing proposals on the core development mailing lists, am the author or co-author of several accepted (and rejected!) PEPs and was the approval authority for a number of PEPs accepted into Python 3.3.


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    [-] Senthil Kumaran 928 days ago

    Nick Coghlan would be best person to speak on this topic. He is involved so much in 3.3 Eager to listen to his (recorded) talk.

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    [-] Anand B Pillai 923 days ago

    Kindly note: Your talk needs more content in the description section for evaluation. Please add more content describing your talk. Think in terms of how you plan to present the talk and virtually walk through the slides here - Thanks - Admin.

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