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Gaphas - A Diagramming Widget Library for your Open Source Software

by Saheb Motiani (speaking)

Software Development Tools
Session type
Technical level


To express the extensibility and ease of using Gaphas for creating a canvas modeller or icon editor for your software. Today every software has been in a need of creating a canvas for itself, so Gaphas provides a very easy way of creating it and is written in pure python.


The talk will be focused on the following points:

a) What is Gaphas and why should we use it?

b) Some cool features of Gaphas.

-> Ease of extending it and using it in your piece of code.

-> Constraint Solving, something new and tricky.

-> No bounding box calculations.

-> Small Code for making big things work.

-> Documentation of the modules.

-> Test files for the functions is already present.

c) Where is Gaphas used? And my application of Gaphas in ASCEND for my GSOC project.

d) Simple steps to create your own canvas or icon editor using Gaphas.

Speaker bio

I am a python enthusiast and open source developer. I love tweeking open source codes and using it for my purpose. I am working for ASCEND modelling environment as part of my GSOC 2012 project. I am an pre final year undergrad having good experince in software development and have been working on Python and Linux since past 2-3 years.


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