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Building better APIs

by Hemant Kumar (speaking)

Web Development
Session type
Technical level


A lot of web development today deals with creating APIs that can power mobile apps or even pure Javascript web apps. The objective of this talk is, to share best practices and have open conversation about certain practices which are considered controversial.


The talk will be a highly interactive session with following things overall:

  1. When to build an API? Keep it with existing web application or extract the API app out?
  2. API versioning. Pros & Cons and controversy.
  3. Authentication and pagination for RESTful APIs.
  4. Framework support. Unit testing, presentation of resources. Builders vs format serializers.
  5. Hypermedia as Engine of application state (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HATEOAS )

Speaker bio

I have been programming for close to 11 years now and last 5 years mostly using languages such as Ruby, Javascript and Scala. Before Ruby, I was using python but mostly without my managers knowing about it.

Also, I am a core contributor to Rails, EventMachine (twisted thingy but for Ruby), Fog (A Ruby cloud library), Rubinius (pypy for Ruby) and have written several popular libraries of my own. Contributed to community effort such as - "Advanced Rails recipes" book.

As a consultant and co-founder of Codemancers (http://www.codemancers.com), in last few years I have built several web applications that only provide API access for mobile devices. While doing so, I have learnt certain best practices and certain oddities about which I am not entirely sure. It will be nice to bring them out in front of Python community and see if they hold water.


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