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Developing Ubuntu apps for fun and profit

by Javed Khan (speaking)

Software Development Tools
Session type
Technical level


To help pythonistas get started with GUI programming in Ubuntu so that they can create apps / contribute to existing apps for the Software Centre.


We will use Quickly - a tool developed by Canonical to make it easier to develop and distribute apps. Some tools that will be introduced - Glade, PyGTK, bzr, launchpad, PPA, etc.

There will be a hands-on tutorial session to showcase the workflow covering code, design, packaging, installation and testing of a simple app.


You'll need

  • a working Ubuntu installation (12.04 preferred)
  • precise-proposed repo enabled (required for a bugfix in quickly) See: http://askubuntu.com/a/157432
  • sudo apt-get install quickly-ubuntu-template
  • launchpad.net account: you can create one at https://login.launchpad.net/+new_account
  • openPGP key to sign your ubuntu package: you can add one from your profile page on launchpad

Speaker bio

The speaker is Javed Khan aka tuxcanfly. He loves coding, math, philosophy, linux, python and vim.

He has contributed code to various projects like LinuxDC++, ffmpegthumbnailer and kupfer.

His recent app FlashBox qualified for Ubuntu App Showdown.

He helps people build Amazing Apps at Agiliq.