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Python As a Learning Language (An undergraduate student’s view)

by Rishi Mukherjee (speaking)

Session type
Technical level


  1. Show how easy learning can be, when done with python.
  2. Convince and create awareness among students and indian universities to make python as the base to learn programming.
  3. Why python shall be used in all algorithmic contests.


An experience of an Indian student on the benefits of learning python as his first programming language. In the present century when the number of ideas, theories and algorithms are increasing exponentially, a learner must avoid external problems that pose as hindrance in the process of learning. The choice of python as a language for learning is then obvious. The learner, can concentrate on algorithms and logic rather than syntax of the language. Since python is a general purpose language, it can be used in as diverse areas as learning game development to biological programming. As a beginner a driver must concentrate on how to drive rather than how the car works internally. Algorithmic contests are hosted all over the world many of which do not include python. Since python is already known as 'working pseudocode', python is an obvious choice in these contests.

The talk would start with the motivation that made me start my programming life with python. Further I will talk about the difficulties that students of non top engineering colleges face to learn programming with C and how this can be made way better if python is used for the purpose. Next, I will talk about the main reasons to consider python as the mother of all learning languages. Then, I will compare some algorithm implementations written with python and C that a student learns in his course. After that, the talk will be about different reasons to consider for using python for different algothmic contests. Then I would suggest some steps that can be taken by the community to make awareness among students of different parts of the country to make use of python. With python, we get fast understanding, which leads to fast and creative development, which further leads to the fast development of the country.

Speaker bio

A pre-final year Computer Science undergraduate student who started programming in 1st year of his course but chose python instead of C to learn. He is a regular programmer at different online programming contests with python as the tool. He also is learning image processing and has keen interest in Artificial Intelligence. He loves promoting use of Open Source Softwares. Blog – http://pythongeek.blogspot.in/


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    [-] Dhiraj Thakur 948 days ago

    Best of luck man...people should learn python. I have many friends who don't want to learn python just because they can get a job in java or c and colleges also focus only on java and c++...the language rather than the algo...what they end up teaching is boilerplate code that any 5 yr old can type rather than logic and way of thinking!

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    [-] Rishi Mukherjee 945 days ago

    Thank You. Me too have friends with the same thinking. I have motivated some of them. Hope the others will also understand how beautiful things become after learning python.

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    [-] Anand B Pillai 923 days ago

    Kindly note: Your talk needs more content in the description section for evaluation. Please add more content describing your talk. Think in terms of how you plan to present the talk and virtually walk through the slides here - Thanks - Admin.

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    [-] Rishi Mukherjee 921 days ago

    Thank you for your reply sir. I have added some more information to the description. Kindly have a look at it. Thank You.

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    [-] Anand B Pillai 910 days ago

    Thanks. It is nice to see young developers willing to talk about their experiences. Good luck!

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    [-] Rishi Mukherjee 905 days ago

    Thank you sir.

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    [-] vikram raj 880 days ago

    best of luck +Rishi Mukherjee ,really everyone should learn python,its way easier than the confusing syntax of c or java.Once again best of luck.............

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