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Cryptanalysis using python

by Nivedita Datta (speaking)

Scientific Computing
Session type
Technical level


To write codes which will allow us to attack the simple cipher using classical methods


Introduction - what this is not Intro to Python The Monome-Dinome cipher The basic code Cryptanalysis I - the Row Digits Cryptanalysis II - the Trick Cryptanalysis III - Removing the guesswork Creating the programs The complete source code

Speaker bio

Nivedita is currently a student of Indian Institute of Science (IISc, Bangalore) pursueing her MS from SERC (Supercomputer Education & Research Centre) department and is an ex-employee of Infosys Limited where she worked for 19 months.


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    [-] Puneeth Chaganti 930 days ago

    Is it the same talk that was delivered at SciPy India, last year?

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      [-] Nivedita Datta 929 days ago

      No... at SciPy, I had just briefed about few common crypto algorithms... This time I am planning to brief on breaking the weak algorithms using methods like frequency count, pattern finding etc.

      Had u attended SciPy 2011??

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    [-] A S L Devi 929 days ago

    Nice to know that people at SERC are using Python now.

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    [-] Anand B Pillai 923 days ago

    Kindly note: Your talk needs more content in the description section for evaluation. Please add more content describing your talk. Think in terms of how you plan to present the talk and virtually walk through the slides here - Thanks - Admin.

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    [-] software mechanic 873 days ago

    Hi, I would like to try out and play around with the python code you used for the presentation? Can you share it somewhere (say github or bitbucket if you prefer private repos)?

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    [-] Nivedita Datta 866 days ago

    Hey...following are the links where I have shared my codes... Do have a look...



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