Useful information while attending Pycon India 2001. Directions / Parking etc.

Venue Information

The venue for PyCon 2011 is Symbiosis Vishwabhavan, Senapati Bapat Road (aka SB Road), Pune. Track 1 is at the Auditorium at Symbiosis Vishwabhavan. Track 2 & 3 are in Symbiosis Law College which is an adjacent building in the same campus.

There is no parking at the venue. Instead, parking space has been arranged at Symbiosis' Ambedkar Bhavan (also known as Ambedkar Museum & Memorial) which is about 150m from the main venue. Please keep that in mind when you're coming.


If you're coming by Rickshaw, tell them that you want to go to Symbiosis Vishwabhavan, on Senapati Bapat Road (SB Road). Symbiosis Vishwabhavan is a prominent landmark on SB Road, just a few hundred meters from the junction of SB Road and Law College Road. There is a statue of Laxman's Common man, and flags of various countries mounted at the entrance of Vishwabhavan.

If you're coming by your own vehicle, you'll need to park at Ambedkar Bhavan which is opposite the Passport Office on SB Road.

If you are coming from University Circle / Chatushrungi, then you will reach Ambedkar Bhavan before you reach the main venue. As soon as you cross the signal near the Passport Office (which will be on your right), you will see a big dome shaped structure on your left. This is Ambedkar Bhavan. Go inside and park. Walk the rest of the way to Symbiosis Vishwabhavan.

If you are coming from Law College Road / BMCC College side, you will need to keep going past Vishwabhavan. You will pass the Passport Office on your left. Take a U-turn at the signal immediately after Passport Office. After the U-turn, you'll see Ambedkar Bhavan on your left.


Its end of the rainy season in Pune. Its advisable to carry your umbrella, rain wear.


Main Venue: (Vishwabhavan & Law College)

Parking: (Ambedkar Bhavan)