Wikipedia, Dead Authors, Naive Bayes and Python

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Authors Abhaya Agarwal
Talk Type talk
Level Intermediate
Topic Data Analysis / Engineering with Python
Tags Text Classification, Wikipedia Mining, Machine Learning

This talk is about using one of the simplest to understand machine learning algorithm, Naive Bayes Classifier. We will use it for classifying Wikipedia pages. We will look at the available implementations in NLTK and Scikits.learn.

  • Introduction of the classification task
  • Brief introduction to Naive Bayes Classifier
  • Using the NB classifier available in NLTK
  • Using the NB classifier available in Scikits.learn
  • Demo
Profile of the authors

I currently build stuff at and

I discovered Python 2 years ago and have been digging it since. I have experience in using Python for web development, text processing, machine learning & as a handy tool for everyday automation. I consider Python to be an ideal first computer language and wish more places used it for their introduction to programming courses.

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Being-Naive-conf.odp 694.9 KB september 19, 2011 The Final slides used in presentation
Being-Naive-online.pdf 943.7 KB september 13, 2011

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