Creating Domain Specific Languages in Python

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Authors Siddharta Govindaraj
Talk Type talk
Level Beginner
Topic Other Python libraries and extensions
Tags DSL, Domain Specific Languages, PyParsing

In this session I'll talk about using domain specific languages (DSL) in Python. DSLs are small languages specific to a particular domain that make it easier to read and write code in that domain. We'll see how you can parse DSLs using the PyParsing library as well as using regular python code to create DSLs.


This session covers parsing and executing DSLs in python. Covered in the talk are:

  • What are DSLs and why do we need them?
  • Complexity of coding without DSLs
  • Creating a small DSL language
  • Creating the grammar
  • Using PyParsing to parse the DSL
  • Performing the actions
  • Creating DSLs using regular python code
  • Creating classes and operators to map to the problem domain
  • Summary
Profile of the authors

Siddharta is the founder of Silver Stripe Software, a startup based in Chennai. The company develops tools written in Python+Django for teams doing agile software development.

Siddharta was a speaker at PyCon India 2009 (Test Driven Development in Python) and has presented at ChennaiGeeks. He is the author of the Learn Django screencast on which is the most popular video on the site.

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