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# Talk title Talk type Submitted by Status Slides Uploaded
1 pyjs: compiling python to javascript talk Anand Chitipothu Accepted Yes
4 Functional Programming with Python tutorial Anand Chitipothu Accepted Yes
5 python based push frameworks talk Shamail Tayyab Accepted No
7 Emacs as a Python IDE talk Noufal Ibrahim Accepted Yes
11 Machine Learning Using Python talk Vikram Kamath Accepted Yes
12 From Python to Silicon talk Shakthi Kannan Accepted No
13 Python on Android talk Sajjad Anwar Accepted No
15 LastUser for user management talk Kiran Jonnalagadda Accepted No
20 PyTI(PyPI Testing Infrastructure) talk Yeswanth Accepted Yes
23 Deployment and Hosting of your Python Web Applications talk Lakshman Prasad Accepted Yes
24 Creating Domain Specific Languages in Python talk Siddharta Govindaraj Accepted Yes
25 Plivo - Developing Telephony Apps in the Web World talk Venky Accepted No
30 Python in the Real World: From Everyday Applications to Advanced Robotics talk Jivitesh Singh Dhaliwal Accepted Yes
32 Interacting with the larger Python community around the world talk Anand B Pillai Accepted No
34 Doing your homework with Python talk Nirbheek Chauhan Accepted No
35 Network programming with Umit Project talk Narendran Thangarajan Accepted Yes
37 Twitter/Facebook/Linked-in/Google Data, Oh My! Web API programming using Python tutorial Navin Kabra Accepted No
41 Python threads: Dive into GIL! talk Vishal Kanaujia, Chetan Giridhar Accepted Yes
43 Decorators as composable abstractions talk Sidhant Godiwala Accepted Yes
45 Wikipedia, Dead Authors, Naive Bayes and Python talk Abhaya Agarwal Accepted Yes
47 Art of Web Scrapping using Python (Low level) tutorial Siddhant Sanyam Accepted No
51 Python in the Life Sciences talk Farhat Habib Accepted No
55 Using Python with Other Languages tutorial Vishesh Yadav, Siddhant Sanyam Accepted Yes
63 Using Python for Data Analysis and Business Intelligence talk Dhananjay Nene Accepted No
67 image processing and computer interaction tutorial nitin chadha, karan pratap Accepted No
68 Quick Multitouch Apps using kivy and Python talk Karan Pratap Singh, Nitin Chadha Accepted Yes
71 Redis & Python tutorial Sunil Arora Accepted Yes