Launching into Open Space

By Anand B Pillai - Posted on Jul 28, 2011 at 05:55 PM

We are happy to announce a new initiative at the Pycon India 2011 web-site. This is an area on the site where you can create wikis that anyone can edit. We are calling these as 'Open Spaces'.

The Open Space initiative is meant to help folks to plan ahead any BoF/coding activity they want to do together during Pycon India 2011. You can create and share wikis on the site which can be used to plan such activities ahead in time.

It could be as simple as hacking a game together on PyGame or as complex as trying to write a patch for working around GIL in Python (too ambitious ? :). Or maybe something more realistic such as working in a Django plugin or snippet or maybe something useful to community such as coming together to fix some bugs in Python 3.2. Or maybe simply hanging around in a room and talk of using Redis or Mongodb with Python and some of the more esoteric things you can do with them!

It could be anything that you can think of under the sun and over the snake. But we welcome you to create your space under the Open spaces.

Go and see for yourself and give it a try!