Accommodations at Pune

We don't endorse any of these hotels or services listed below. The following list of accommodations are relatively close by (< 4 kms) from the venue and for your reference.

The associated websites are listed below to be able to allow you to view the tariffs, addresses and contact phone numbers directly. Please get in touch with the hotels directly to verify any specific questions/clarifications you might have.

Note : Taxes could be extra. Due to various sources of information, some tariffs might not be current. Check with the hotels for current tariffs.


Additional Online Hotel identification and Booking Sources

Most of these hotels are relatively smaller and thus likely to have but a few rooms available, but have been listed primarily since they are relatively close by. There are many other hotels which are much larger, but are likely to be more or less expensive, but much further away from the venue. Attendees are therefore encouraged to conduct their booking sufficiently in advance to avoid last minute disappointments in reservations.

This list of available accomodations is a courtesy. It is not meant to be either an endorsement of the services provided by or promotion of the said hotels or services listed on the page.