Playing with Launchpad API using launchpadlib

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Authors Manish Sinha
Level Intermediate
Topic Other Python libraries and extensions
Tags api,webservice,launchpad

Launchpad is a free software hosting platform developed by Canonical and hosts many important free software projects like Ubuntu, Drizzle, Emacs, Mailman, Zope3, Inkscape, MySQL and OpenStack.

Launchpad provides an API for accessing the webservice exposed by the platform. launchpadlib is a python wrapper/binding over Launchpad API which is developed and maintained by the Lauchpad Developers

  • Introduction to Launchpad (5 mins)
  • What is Launchpad?
    • What are the major components of LP
    • Type of Launchpad installations (staging/stable)
  • Launchpad API
    • launchpadlib
    • OAuth (using Python launchpadlib)
    • API (generic API, language agnostic)
  • Using launchpadlib
    • Signing Requests
    • Fetching data
    • Editing Data
  • Applications using Launchpad API
  • Questionnaire

The talk is intended for people who have basic idea of web services and python. Knowledge of Launchpad is not necessary as the talk will introduce them to Launchpad basics (5 mins).

It also covers a bit on how to use launchpadlib in frameworks e.g. Django. Not the complete Launchpad API will be explained (as it is huge), but only a few entities(people, project, branches) would be covered so that others can be learnt similarly.

The talk will not go deep into the API, but only the minimum required to start using Launchpad. Relevant links will be provided for further reading.

I would always be available if someone has a doubt in future.

Profile of the authors

Manish Sinha is a FOSS Enthusiast who graduated from Manipal Institute of Technology(Karanataka) last year. His favourite languages include Python and PHP and has been a web developer since long. He is living in Bangalore and has contributed to a few open source projects and during daytime works in Schneider Electric as a Software Engineer.

Links: Website Tech Blog

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