Python + Wii = Intuitive Control

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Authors Asim Mittal
Level Beginner
Topic Open source Python projects
Tags Wii, cwiid, motion capture using python

The Nintendo Wii is a versatile controller with a variety of sensors. This talk will highlight how the "CWiiD" project can be used to allow Python applications on Linux to recognize gestures and capture human motion


The Nintendo Wii bundles up Buttons, LEDs, an IR Camera and an accelerometer into one powerful package. This controller changed the way we played our games and interacted with computers.

My talk will focus on the following aspects:

  • Connecting to the Wii and capturing sensor data
  • Using Buttons, LEDs and the built in vibrator for discrete I/O
  • Tracking IR Points in space and mimicking motion capture
  • Developing basic gestures and using them on virtual objects
  • Integrating the "mouse" and "minority report"
  • Integrating gestures with your Linux desktop using xautomation

I've been working on the Wii for the past few months and hope to share my ideas with python lovers from all over the country at PyCon this year.


For more info on my work and ideas, visit my blog

Profile of the authors

Asim is an embedded systems designer with a penchant for Python. He has been instrumental in promoting the use of Python based applications in the automotive industry.

A former Sasken employee, he now spends his time developing home automation and networked media systems in Oman.

You can read more about his daily exploits on his blog.

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