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# Talk title Submitted by Status Slides Uploded
1 Into 3D with VPython Deepak Mishra Accepted Yes
2 Beyond Django 101 Kausikram Krishnasayee Accepted Yes
3 Freshen your test cases Kausikram Krishnasayee Accepted Yes
4 Deadly Combo -- python & newt Kushal Das Accepted Yes
5 CGI Programming in Python S.Selvamani Rejected No
6 Data Structure and Algorithms using Python V.Balakrishnan Rejected No
7 Don't be afraid of meta-classes Anand B Pillai Withdrawn No
8 Geospatial search frameworks for Python Ishan Chattopadhyaya Accepted Yes
9 Creating installation files for our python programs and source tarball Rajkumar.S Rejected No
10 Cloud Computing with Python Harihara Vinayakaram N Withdrawn No
11 Django Pluggables Dheeraj Sayala Withdrawn No
12 Polyform Puzzler and a Pythonic Algorithm X David Goodger Accepted No
13 Database Programming with Python Biju B, Sreejith S Rejected No
14 Semantic Web Programming in Python an Introduction Biju B, Jaganadh G Accepted Yes
15 Introduction to Machine Learning with Python Sreejith S, Jaganadh G Accepted Yes
16 Functional Programming with Python Dhananjay Nene Accepted Yes
17 Multi-core programming with Python Keerthi Shankar Accepted Yes
18 Sugar: The sweet constructionist learning environment Anish Mangal, Arjun Sarwal Accepted Yes
19 Deployment to large server farms using Fabric and BitTorrent. Manoj S Mahalingam,Shyam Sundar CS Accepted Yes
20 2to3 Zubin Mithra Accepted Yes
21 Building Multimedia Applications using GStreamer and Python Yuvaraj Pandian T Accepted Yes
22 Performance, Profiling and Optimization in Python Gayatri Nittala, Mohan Sindhe Rejected No
23 Paradigms of Web Development and comparison of approaches using django and Google Appengine WebApp framework Lakshman Prasad Accepted Yes
24 Test Driven Development Gayatri Nittala, Madhubala Vasireddy Accepted Yes
25 Text Parsing in Python Gayatri Nittala, Madhubala Vasireddy Accepted Yes
26 Indic Language Processing with SILPA Santhosh Thottingal Accepted Yes
27 Web based Power Management tool Vishnu Murty,Subhan Accepted Yes
28 Garbage Collection in Python Krishna Kumaar Natarajan Withdrawn No
29 Quickly Rajeswari S Accepted Yes
30 Device Interfacing with Python and ZIO Vijay Kumar B. Accepted Yes
31 Talk cancelled - Python on the Android Vimalkumar Velayudhan Withdrawn No
32 Python Celery Mahendra M Accepted Yes
33 All about PyGTK and short demo of my GSoC project developed using PyGTK. Kirubakaran Sampath Withdrawn No
34 Twisted programming Mahendra M Accepted Yes
35 A Hands on experience with Django Gaurav Kalra Rejected No
36 SIR Python ! meswamy Rejected No
37 Network Programming with Python Dhastha Gheer. A Rejected No
38 The Zen of Web Anand Chitipothu Accepted Yes
39 Python in the hardware world: MyHDL Anish Mangal Accepted Yes
40 Biomedical text mining with Python:Some experiments Jaganadh G, Dr. Carlos Rodriguez Penagos Accepted Yes
41 AULT : Agent based User simulation and Load Testing Om Narayan Accepted Yes
42 Python on Climate Data Analysis Tool Arulalan.T Accepted Yes
43 Python In The Wild: Enabling children to voice their opinions Diptanu Choudhury, Jeff Wishnie Accepted Yes
44 World repo - the repository of the world V.Srikrishnan, V. Shunmugachamy Accepted Yes
45 Rapid 3D Game Development in Blender 2.5 Arun Ravindran Accepted Yes
46 Scraping with Python for Fun and Profit Abhishek Mishra Accepted Yes
47 Creating and Deploying python web applications on Google App Engine Saurabh Tiwari Accepted Yes
48 Python on Mobile phones N.Seshadri Accepted Yes
49 Introduction to Image Analysis in Python Anil C R Accepted Yes
50 llvm-py: Writing Compilers Using Python Mahadevan R Accepted Yes
51 Talk Cancelled: HOWTO Django in GAE Venkatraman.S Withdrawn No
52 Tracking Tech Trends with Python Dorai Thodla Accepted Yes
53 NoSQL Primer Harsh Vachhani, Amol Gupta Accepted Yes
54 Marketing Python:Lessons Learned Ramdas S Accepted Yes
55 and Python Rajan Vaish Accepted No
56 Playing with Launchpad API using launchpadlib Manish Sinha Accepted Yes
57 Hacking S60 based phones with Python Steven Fernandez Withdrawn No
58 Introduction to web programming Shabda, Ashok Raavi Rejected No
59 Everything about Dictionaries Shashwat Anand Withdrawn No
60 Python + Wii = Intuitive Control Asim Mittal Accepted Yes
61 Extending and Embedding Python under Windows ( using C/C++ ) Praseed Pai K.T. Accepted Yes
62 Natural Language Processing in Python Shirish Goyal Accepted No
63 Introduction to Python and How I learnt it Kannappan Accepted Yes
64 Learn to Swin - A Debugger(?) for Embedded Systems Sriram V Iyer Rejected No
65 A Metadata-driven Web App Framework Rushabh Mehta Rejected No
66 pydicom - a pure python module for handling DICOM Arun B Accepted Yes
67 Using Python to build a General Purpose Test Framework Rahul Verma Accepted Yes
68 Internet Protocols in the Python Standard Library Senthil Kumaran Accepted Yes
69 Python object model and introduction to meta programming Sambasiva S Accepted Yes
70 Talk Canceled: Building High Performance websites using Python and Redis Gopalakrishnan Subramani Withdrawn No
71 Talk cancelled - Getting functional with Python 3.0 Vijay Mathew Withdrawn No
72 BlueBream - The Zope Web Framework Baiju M Accepted Yes
73 The Road to PyCon India 2010 Noufal Ibrahim Accepted Yes
74 PDF Accessibility with Python Anand B Pillai Accepted Yes
75 Automation using Python Nitin Kumar, Swathi Nath Accepted Yes
76 Plugin frameworks : 3 approaches to designing plugin APIs Noufal Ibrahim Withdrawn Yes
77 Building Scalable Apps using Google App Engine Pranav Prakash Accepted Yes
78 Python and golf Kenneth Gonsalves Withdrawn No
79 GUI Programming using PyQt Ankur Gupta Accepted Yes
80 Case study: Opendevice & Python Srirangan Accepted No