T-shirt designs needed

By Noufal Ibrahim - Posted on Jul 05, 2010 at 06:32 PM

PyCons throughout the world are purely volunteer run. It takes all kinds of talent to get a successful conference going.

At this point, we need artists. People who have the ability to create works of art. Our main form of advertising and publicity after the conference is our T-shirt. We need it to be really good looking and eye catching.

The logo should look good and be identifiable at low and high resolutions. It would be nice if the uploads were of very high resolution (or in a scalable format like svg).

So, all you artistically inclined Pythonistas out there, please contribute logos and T-shirt designs. You can upload them here along with your name and we'll pick the best ones with a community vote. We'll keep the doors open for the whole of July and after that put the designs to a vote.