Reaching the venue

By Anand B Pillai - Posted on Sep 24, 2010 at 07:49 AM

Here is some information that will be useful for delegates traveling to the conference, especially from those outside Bangalore.

The main hot-spots to reach MSRIT are Majestic Bus Stand (also called Kempegowda Bus Station or "KBS" in short), Malleshwaram, K.R Market and Yeshwantpur.

Here are some BMTC bus routes from Majestic (KBS) to MSRIT.

  • 273, 273C, 271A , 271B , 271C, 271D, 99A , 99B, 21

If you are taking a flight to Bangalore, the best option is to take a bus or taxi from the airport to Majestic and take one of these buses to the venue. (BMTC operates a number of buses from Airport to different parts of the city. Of course you can always ask the taxi driver to drop you directly at the venue if you choose to).

Those taking a train to Bangalore can get down at Bangalore City Railway Station (which is directly opposite KBS), cross the road to KBS and take one of the buses above.

For those getting down at Yeshwantpur Railway Station, you can take any bus from the railway station bus depot to Yeshwantpur bus stop and from there take any 401 series bus to MSRIT.

For those getting down at K.R Market, the following bus numbers can be used to reach MSRIT.

  • 177, 177-D, 266, 266-A, 266-B, 266-C, 266-D, 266-E, 266-F, 266-G, 266-K, 266-M, 268, 268-E, 269-A, 271-F, 271-J, 271-L, 271-M, 275, 276-N, 58-A, and 99-E.

People coming from far away such as Whitefield, Marathalli, Sarjapur, HAL areas can reach Mekhri Circle and take an auto from there to the venue. (The same option is also available for those coming from the airport, if they chose to).

Those coming from Hosur, Electronics-City to the city can take a bus from Bommanahalli to Corporation circle and take bus 98-D to MSRIT. The following buses go from Bommanahalli to Corporation.

  • 276-G, 343-A, 343-B, 346, 346-H, 347-B, 347-F, 348-E, 348-G, 352-E, 354-C, 356-D, 356-J, 356-P, 356-Q, and 360-K

Those coming from Mysore direction can take a bus to Sirsi circle and from their to Mathikere (MSRIT). The buses 225-CA and K-3 go to Sirsi circle from Mysore satellite terminal and the buses 202-A, 202-D, 202-E, 401-BA, and 58-A go from Sirsi circle to Mathikere.

The BMTC route information website can be used for finding out routes to the venue.

You can contact Anil Kumar: 9739754227 or Harish Raddi : 9036059723 for any help in case you need directions to reach the venue.