Offline payments

By Noufal Ibrahim - Posted on Sep 02, 2010 at 04:56 PM

A lot of questions have been coming in regarding paying offline for the event. This post is to clarify the situation.

  • The preferred way to pay is online. It takes a few minutes to do and there's no headache, extra book keeping for anyone. Please try to do this.

  • If this is a problem, please book a ticket using the register link above and transfer the money into our bank account. You can either transfer it online using netbanking or go to an AXIS bank branch and do it there. Our bank account details (account holder name, IFSC etc.) are at Once you transfer the money, please mail with your ticket/order number. We will mark the ticket as paid and you'll get an email.

  • The final option is to pay at the venue. This is not preferred and you'll miss the keynote presentations and many other good talks in the morning.