Review process

By Anand B Pillai - Posted on Aug 03, 2010 at 07:29 AM

We have started the talk review process from today. Talks will be reviewed and selected by a committee of reviewers. Each talk will be reviewed by a group of four reviewers, each one rating the talk on a scale of 25. The total score for the talk is the sum of all scores by the reviewers on a scale of 100.

The detailed review process is available in the following wiki page.

We will be publishing the list of top 60 talks based on the review scores by August 15th on this site and the authors will be informed of the talk acceptance directly through email.

If you receive an email informing of an incomplete submission asking you to re-submit the talk, please do so before the date given in the email, otherwise your talk will be automatically disqualified from the selection process.

If you have any questions on the review process, contact me directly at abpillai at gmail dot com.